Your wedding is the best day of your life, which is why we are so excited to share it with the world! You have spent countless hours making big decisions, coordinating with family members and the anticipation is like nothing you have ever felt before. Denver Wedding Films is committed to capturing those precious moments so your special day can last a lifetime.

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Hey there, I appreciate you taking the time to learn a little about my background! I run a video production business called createdaley where I produce videos, photos and marketing services for various brands, businesses and influencers. As someone who has been creating their entire career, I started Denver Wedding Films because I'm passionate about storytelling and capturing special moments.

On the personal side, when I don’t have a camera in my hand, I am usually doing another type of shooting – lacrosse! I played the Creator’s game my entire life and had the privilege of earning two National Championships in college. The lessons I have learned in sports, such as teamwork, commitment and work ethic have provided me with a concrete foundation in having a successful career. When I am not outside shooting video or lacrosse, I am most likely eating tacos, watching YouTube tutorials or exchanging dank memes with my friends. Check out my work by following @denverweddingfilms or on my personal page @createdaley.



the process

Once you identify a package that you and your partner are interested in, fill out the contact form below and I'll take it from there! Yes, it's that simple!

During our call, I will address all of your questions and concerns to assure that I can provide what you are looking for out of your wedding film. After we get off the phone, I will email you a recap that breaks down everything we discussed. Having that will be a helpful point of reference as itineraries change and more vendors get booked. Once you and your fiance are ready to move forward, I will send over an agreement for you to sign so we can lock in your date. A 50% deposit will be needed once you sign the agreement and we will remain in touch regarding changes, a finalized itinerary, etc. as we get closer to your wedding day!




We booked a photographer already. Why should we book a wedding videographer?

While photographers and videographers both use cameras, they are both completely different artforms. Wedding films are unique because they capture things such as sound, emotion and overall energy. Wedding films offer a different perspective that will allow you and your partner to cherish your special day forever.

What's unique about your style of wedding videography?

I strive to make each one of my wedding films different than any other one I have produced before. I take that approach so your wedding film is unique to you! I encourage you to check out my portfolio if you'd like to see how each wedding film is different than the other.

Where are  you based?

I am based in Denver, Colorado but I travel often for work and for leisure. I'm originally from Atlanta, Georgia and visit family as often as I can.

Do you film destination weddings or elopements?

Yes! My wedding business is not exclusive to Colorado. I shoot weddings all across the country and would love to shoot internationally as I continue to grow my business. However, if you are based in Colorado and you are looking to elope, let's talk!

What do you offer that other videographers do not?

A sincere personalized experience. After our initial call, I will follow up with a recap that shares everything we discussed. Keeping things organized helps streamline the communication between us and other vendors. If you are getting married in Denver, I will also drive to your venue prior to your wedding day to see what opportunities there are for creative shots, lighting, etc.

What should we keep in mind when we book you?

The one thing that will maximize the quality of your wedding film is to budget time specifically for video. If you have an hour of time for just photos, it is highly recommended to allocate 15-20 minutes of time during that session or after it for video exclusively. Those intimate video shots are going to be some of the best highlights from your entire wedding film.

When is the best time to book you?

I receive dozens a leads a year that are looking to book for the next year. With that being said, I encourage you to look the wedding packages I offer, see if it's a good fit and reach out immediately so we can lock in your date. I will respond to you inquiry within 24 hours.

What does your lighting setup look like?

A common misconception is that DJs or photographers are the ones with the lights. While DJs bring lasers and colored lights, I come prepared with a continuous light that will brighten your dancefloor. I use 12' stands so they will not obstruct anyone's view. Some vendors love them, other do not. However, having those will optimize the photos and video services you have invested in that will make you two look lovely on camera!

What do you record for audio?

Vow readings, ceremony, toasts and even an intimate video session! I will mic the groom with a separate audio recorder and I will mic the bride using a white cord that is on a thigh strap. All dresses are different, so if that option doesn't work with the dress, then we will only use the groom's mic.

Do you work well with other vendors?

Yes! We are a team and have each other's best interest at heart. I want to help them deliver what they promised you just as I plan to do the same. I have a list of recommended vendors who are incredibly talented people that I am happy to share.

Do you have a limit on how many hours you film?

The wedding film packages I offer provide two different blocks of time. However, I am happy to offer extended coverage of your wedding day as package enhancement!

Do you sell raw footage?

Yes, but I can promise you that you will not want it. The reason is because I spend 30+ hours going through each piece of footage while putting together your wedding film. There are also strict parameters around raw footage such as you cannot outsource it to be edited and none of it can be posted to social media. 

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