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The art of videography has emerged itself as one of the fastest growing vendors in the wedding industry. A quality wedding film will give you and your family a love story to reflect on for the rest of your lives. As someone who attends just as many weddings as he shoots (since I’m at that point in my life), I often hear friends and coworkers say that they regret not having a wedding film.

If you don’t believe me, ask your friends or family members who have tied the knot and chose not to hire a wedding videographer. While most couples consider hiring a wedding videographer a bonus, I wrote down a few reasons why having a wedding videographer should be an absolute must.

Wedding films capture sound
Any veteran video producer will tell you that sound brings visuals to life! That sound can consist of your vows, toasts, ceremony and much more. As a wedding videographer, I can assure you that incorporating sound also helps drive the story of your wedding day. Sound is raw, emotional and often exemplifies what you and your partner are feeling on that day. I love to use sound from vows because it shows the most authentic side of the couple. Another useful way to incorporate sound is to share a story that is told during one of the wedding speeches. You can see an example of how I use sound in this wedding I filmed at Hudson Gardens in Littleton, Colorado.

Remember the big moments you may have missed
It’s no secret that weddings go by extremely fast. What happens in a 24-hour window will feel abbreviated due to the obligations you have. As a couple, you have allocated time for photos and video, taking you away from things such as cocktail hour or more time with your closest people. Having a wedding film will capture the things you miss so you can still feel part of it when you are fulfilling obligations. Hiring a wedding videographer will alleviate the stress that you are missing out. While I shoot solo, I also offer packages that include a second videographer. You can see what having a second videographer looks like in this wedding we filmed at Mountain View Ranch in Pine, Colorado.

Have more memories than what you pay for
When you attending a wedding and watch the photos and wedding film, they are both complete different experiences. Wedding videos show passion, energy, excitement and captures the things that still images cannot. There is no minimizing the importance of wedding photography. However, having a quality wedding film is just as important. Lastly, it’s not easy to think about, but there will become a time where our closest loved ones are no longer here. Having a wedding film will give you the ability to see your missed family and friends who were part of your special day. Our base package offers 8-hours of coverage, which covers every major moment in a wedding.

You can share your wedding film with ease
Thanks to platforms like YouTube and Vimeo, your wedding film is a simple copy and paste away from being watched by all your family and friends. For the couples I work with, I also offer a high-res file for them to post on their own social media channels in addition to a YouTube link. This method applies to wedding films and wedding trailers. I find this method to be simpler compared to photos where you have to download several photos or share an entire gallery. Look at this sharable wedding trailer that was shot at Sanctuary Golf Course in Sedalia, Colorado.

Wedding videos are very different than wedding photos
Bouncing off of my previous points, wedding videos are just different. As a wedding videographer, I will incorporate drone footage, sound and motion – all things that cannot be done with wedding photos. By providing these creative services, you are able to relive and showcase your wedding day in a different light. As an added bonus, I also offer various package enhancements in the event that you would like to have your entire wedding ceremony or wedding toasts edited. I find those to be good anniversary gifts as I will always keep the raw footage.

Looking to have your own cinematic wedding video? I offer various packages for couples whether they are in Denver, another state or plan to have a destination wedding. Take a look at the packages I offer and fill out the contact form on my home page so we can lock in your date!

August 24, 2022